About Us

buy and sell driftwoodDriftwood is art in and of itself. Many people use driftwood in art and craft projects, for landscape design and for decor. Others enjoy using it in arrangements, woodcarving or for enhancing a reptile habitat. Looking to buy or sell driftwood? Shop the driftwood category or add your own driftwood for sale.

This driftwood website was born from a passion for collecting driftwood to the point where it was taking up more room than I had. One day, I realized that you might love driftwood just as much as I do, and might find interest in buying driftwood from parts of the country or world which might not be accessible to you. Additionally, this site gives other driftwood collectors a way to show you their driftwood by listing it for sale.

I've lived in Maine, Florida and Oregon and I've found beautiful pieces in every place I've lived. I hope you enjoy the site and please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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