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Sell Your Driftwood

If youíre passionate about driftwood, like I am, you might wonder if thereís a good market for it online. People buy driftwood for all sorts of various reasons. Some people are artists, some use pieces in landscape art and some enjoy decorating their homes with a beach motif. Driftwood has so many uses, and Iím not even aware of them all.

If you enjoy hunting for driftwood or creating beautiful art from your driftwood treasures, why not join me in sharing your wonderful hobby with the world? Whether you are simply an avid collector of driftwood or youíre a talented artist who turns amazing pieces into fabulous art, youíve found the #1 online driftwood site to share your passion, and sell your driftwood and natural art.

Recently, a brand new site has been created to buy and sell natural art and supplies. At Driftwood Mall, you can buy and sell all sorts of wonderful supplies and handmade creations. Simply create a free account and click Apply for a Shop to become a marketplace vendor. Once your application is approved, you can begin listing and sharing all your wonderful collections, treasures and creative works of art.

You are also free to request a listing of your driftwood pieces here on In the bottom left menu under Information, you'll find the link to Contact Us. Please check the Seller Info and Selling FAQs first so that you'll be prepared to answer a few initial questions about selling driftwood on this site. These can be found on the left side of the page under Important Links.

There are several key differences between the two sites in terms of listing, selling and payments. The following points may help you to make a more informed decision on which site you'd prefer to list your items:
  • This site is limited to driftwood only.
  • You will send all info including images, description, price, weight, dimensions and other pertinent info via email and we list items on the site.
  • Payment comes directly to us and you will be reimbursed, minus a 20% commission, once the item sells and is received by the buyer in satisfactory condition.
  • Shipping costs are determined during checkout based upon weight of each piece and buyer location.
  • This site is a marketplace for natural supplies like driftwood, pine cones, beach glass, river stones, etc, as well as handmade creations, recyclable materials and so much more.
  • You can easily create product listings and upload photos yourself through your seller account panel.
  • Payment comes directly to you upon completion of the sale, minus an 8% commission. There are no listing fees and no monthly bills or waiting for your payment.
  • There are no additional site shipping fees. This is great for buyers as they are less likely to drop the sale during checkout because of surprising shipping costs. You'll factor in shipping to the price of your items and you'll choose which countries you're willing to ship to.
For listing driftwood on this site, please contact us with your interest. For opening your own marketplace shop on Driftwood Mall, please sign up to become a seller now.